Sold Out Vision Board Parties

How To Host A Profitable Vision Board Party in 8 Weeks or Less

Dreaming about hosting your first SOLD OUT vision board party? 

You want to host a vision board party to bring your friends and family together for something positive. 

You're ready to put your goals first in your life and want to share your ambition with like-minded people in your community.

Many people want to host a vision board party, but are afraid of...

  • Structuring the workshop (How the heck do you create a freakin' workshop... that's fun?)
  • Being boooooring (I'm no speaker...Most of my ideas sound funny in my head and totally flop when I say them out loud. #truth)
  • Creating crappy activities (How am I going to get people excited about their goals?)
  • All the stuff you don't know about manifesting your dreams (I've never built a vision board... How am I supposed to lead others?)

Those questions pale in comparison to the scariest part: 

How Do I Get People To Show Up? 

I get emails with questions like this all the time from life coaches, community leaders and educators who want to make an impact and want to get it right.

We've created a detailed workbook that gives you every tip and tool you need to brainstorm, plan and host your very own vision board party. 

The course gives you instant access to the workbook, videos, worksheets and spreadsheets to simplify the entire experience from planning to party!

After you host your first party, you'll be able to: 

  • Create a side income that you can build in your free time

  • Build a brand around changing lives

  • Speak confidently in front of 10 people or 1,000 people (The sky’s the limit!)

  • Cultivate a community of goal-setters waiting for your next event

What’s in the course?

  • 90+ page ebook + Videos lessons so you can digest the information in whatever way you choose

  • Event planning worksheets & checklists to simplify event planning into easy-to-follow steps that will get you event-ready in 8 weeks or less

  • Budgeting spreadsheet to make sure you make a profit

  • Email and social media samples to take the fear out of selling tickets (even if you don’t have an audience!)

  • Food + Drink + Decor brainstorming worksheets to build a high value experience at a low cost (and increase your profits)

  • 5 Ice Breaker & 11 Self Exploration Activities with Ready-To-Use worksheets 

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About The Instructor

Hi, I'm Chantl.

The very first vision board party I ever hosted was (by most people’s standards) a complete disaster. 

It was a FREE POTLUCK and only two people showed up: my best friend from high school and one of her friends who just happened to live nearby. 

Even with an intimate (read: super tiny) group, we still got the full experience of sharing personal stories, reflecting on goals and inspiring each other to push towards our goals.

The following year, I hosted a vision board conference where I COMPLETELY SOLD OUT 30 spots at $50 per ticket. I provided so much value that attendees told me they would’ve paid double for that same event. 

That vision board party changed my life…

  • I was immediately established as a local guru on goal setting and vision boards. 

  • Every winter, I’m booked solid speaking at women’s empowerment events, organizations and schools.

  • My vision board party SELLS OUT every year. 

  • Most importantly -- my community of goal-getters has become large and strong because I’ve helped them start living the life they desire.

What's included?

15 Videos
2 Surveys
23 Texts
13 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Bonus #2: Virtual Vision Board Party

Get all the tools & resources you need to host your sold out vision board party!

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Praise for this course:

Sold Out Vision Board Parties

Great 👍 course and well organized. I’m grateful for the price but I feel it’s worth more! Thanks for the very informative course!🙏💜

by Chrissy Salus

Sold Out Vision Board Parties

Great 👍 course and well organized. I’m grateful for the price but I feel it’s worth more! Thanks for the very informative course!🙏💜

by Chrissy Salus


Who is the Sold Out Vision Board Party Course for?

This course is for life coaches, educators and empowerment group/spiritual leaders who want to host vision board parties to motivate and inspire their community to reach higher goals. 

How long will it take to host my first vision board party?

The course is designed to help you host your first vision board party in 8 weeks. You can adjust this timing as you wish.

How soon will I make money? 

You can begin to make money as soon as you offer your first vision board party. If you follow this event timeline, you will see your first few sales in 8 weeks or less.

Do I need to be a life coach? 

No, you do not have to be a life coach or educator to host profitable vision board parties.

When does the course start and finish? 

The course is always live so you can take it whenever you want! 

What if I’m not tech savvy?

That’s OK!  You don’t have to be a tech genius at all. The only part that requires the computer is setting up your sales page and I’ll show you that on video. If that part is confusing, you can always collect payments in cash! 

How long do I have access to the course?

For a lifetime, my friend!