Thinking about hosting your first vision board party?

Vision Board Parties can be a great way to... 

  • Bring friends and family closer together
  • Set goals for the new year
  • Get clarity in your vision

Here's what's not so fun... 

  • Creating beautiful invitations to invite the guests
  • Coming up with ideas for activities people can do
  • Figuring out where the heck do you get all those magazines from to cut out power words and quotes

That's where the Vision Board Party Starter Pack Comes In

You'll get all the tools you need to make your vision board party quick, painless and headache-free!

Help Friends + Family reach their goals in 20/20

Vision boards are a great way to bring your community together for the most powerful cause - to create a dream life you love.

  • Host an intimate vision board party right from home using beautifully designed invitations to get your guests excited!

  • Walk through vision clarity activities like a pro with our done-for-your worksheets perfect for all ages and life stages.

  • Start with the perfect foundation with printable inspirational power words to inspire goals in different areas of your life.

Create A Vision Board Party Your Friends Love Without Breaking A Sweat

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Start your vision board with a clear mind

Follow your passions and find your calling by identifying what you want out of life before creating your vision.

Manifest big dreams with powerful affirmations

Find the right words to inspire you and motivate you to stay focused on your goals all year long.

Create a beautiful experience from the beginning

Get guests in the right mindset with professional & personalized invitations.

Grow Together with the Ultimate Goal Setting Experience

You know how important visualizing your goals can be... and, let's be honest, you love seeing your friends and family succeed. The Vision Board Party Starter Kit makes it super simple to host a fun vision board party with those you love.
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