Thinking about hosting your first vision board party?

Vision Board Parties can be a great way to... 

  • Bring friends and family closer together
  • Set goals for the new year
  • Get clarity in your vision

Here's what's not so fun... 

  • Creating beautiful invitations to invite the guests
  • Coming up with ideas for activities people can do
  • Figuring out where the heck do you get all those magazines from to cut out power words and quotes

That's where the Vision Board Party Starter Pack Comes In

You'll get all the tools you need to make your vision board party quick, painless and headache-free!

What's in the Course?

  • 1

    Welcome + Quick Tutorial

    • Welcome Message from the Creator
  • 2

    Vision Board Party Invitations

    • How To Access Your Vision Board Party Invitations - Quick Canva Tutorial
    • Vision Board Party Invitations
  • 3

    Vision Board Party Activity Worksheets

    • Vision Board Party Activity - Be The Change
    • Vision Board Party Activity - My Goals
    • Vision Board Party Activity - My Dream Life
  • 4

    Vision Board Inspiration Words Printables

    • Vision Board Inspiration Words Printables

Create A Vision Board Party Your Friends Love Without Breaking A Sweat

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