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Start living intentionally. Reach your wildest goals. Make yourself proud.

What Can A Vision Board Do For Me?  

Let's see... Does any of this sound familiar? 

You feel stuck (at your job, in a relationship, in your whole freakin' life), but you can't seem to find the strength to move forward.

Your time is filled supporting everyone in your life while your dreams are at a stand-still, hoping to see the light of day. 

You can't stomach another freaking success story showing ordinary people just like you who are living their dreams - all while you seem to be living the same year over and over. 

It's time for a change.

That's where a vision board comes in. 

* Katrina's Testimonial *

"I have done vision boards before and I don’t think I put much thought into them.  I just cut out nice phrases and pictures from magazines and said I would figure out how to make them fit into my vision.  The Vision Board Planner definitely made me change my modus operandi.  This guide required me to be very intentional about what I put on my board.  The activities made me focus on the areas of like I wanted to improve upon.  They made me really sit and think about the things I wanted to achieve.  I did not have to make the pictures/phrases fit my vision.  Because of the background work I had done, gathering the items for the board was so much easier than what I was used to.  Using the planner made creating my vision board so much more than a thing to do with friends.  The board became my permission slip to dream.  Thanks so much Chantl for creating the planner.  I would suggest it to anyone who is thinking about creating or revamping a vision board."


To achieve your vision you have to define it.

To reach any level of happiness, you have to define what you need to be happy.

To reach your money goals, you have to define how much money you need to feel successful. (Money for me and M-O-N-E-Y for Beyonce are two different things.)

If you don't define your vision you leave yourself open for:

  • Someone else to define it for you (like your boss, social media gurus or your well-meaning family)
  • Comparing your life to other's standard of success (like your friends on Instagram that travel weekly - making your life look soooo boring!)
  • Feeling like you haven't accomplished anything (even if you're a goal-crushing badass)

Most people know what they want, but struggle to say it out loud. 

We can't be honest with ourselves because our goals feel TOO BIG, TOO UNREALISTIC and we can always find an excuse not to pursue it (Netflix, anyone?)

The Vision Board Planner is an easy, breezy printable that will help you... 

  • Define what goal you want to work towards
  • Outline what you want your life to look like from all angles (trust me, we go deep)
  • Create an action plan to help you maximize more of what energizes you and makes you happy, while (quite simply) minimizing the crap (because everybody hates crap)
  • Create a vision board that works to transform your life.

Make a real difference in your life and
create a miraculous future you can get super excited about!

Yes, I'm Ready!
Chantl Martin
Chantl Martin
Founder, Thrive Lounge

About the instructor

Hi. I'm Chantl, and we're best friends now. :)

I'm unapologetically me. I'll tell you about the years I spent unemployed, juggling three jobs and struggling with depression, what life was like adulting as a single teen mom, or moving back in with my mother at twenty five (I was sharing a blow up mattress with my daughter because I couldn't even afford a real bed). #Truth. 

Then I'll tell you the story of how I gave up everything, apartment, car, and even my phone (gasp!) to turn my entire life around, land my dream job, triple my income and start an online community for women that want to transform their lives.

My books and courses designed to accept you as you are and to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

I live in New Jersey with my sarcastic gamer/coder/aspiring-youtube-star daughter and MVP auntie. I spend my weekdays running million dollar marketing campaigns for a billion-dollar FinTech Startup. (My, have we come a long way!) I spend my free time writing on the Thrive Lounge blog, gaming with my daughter, brunching with friends and slowly pursuing my life-long dream to become a singer.

Meet Gina's Moms

"The vision board really helped a lot of our moms to look back at their goals and dreams in a very subtle but realistic way. They enjoyed the creative process of the activity wherein they are able to express their own concepts of change and steps without inhibition or fear of being judged. Therefore, on behalf of Bridges to Independence and my clients I would like to say thank you for spending your weekend with our moms. It has been a great fun time for all of them." 

- Gina Macanlalay, Volunteer Coordinator @ Bridges To Independence

Innovative Companies Bring My Vision Board Strategies To Their Boardrooms

Unlock your wildest dreams and watch them come to life with your vision board.

Let's Get Started

What's inside The Vision Board Planner?

In this 62-page + 100% no-fluff + 100% interactive workbook, you'll learn: 

  • How to ignore rules and norms (and reality in general) to unleash your most ambitious dreams both - big and small
  • Understand your strengths, weaknesses and deepest desires to set the best goals for you
  • Explore different areas of your life to set goals that will make a difference in your ideal world
  • Build an effective vision board that will help these dreams come to life

Sneak Peek Into The Content

Explore Your Possibilities: Even if you don't know where to start in creating your vision, we'll walk through four key "building blocks" that will create a strong foundation to build your miraculous vision. 

15 Interactive Activities + Prompts: One tiny step at a time, we'll take you from confusion to clarity. From exploring different opportunities to creating intentional goals based in your personal values and purpose, each activity elaborates on the one before it to help you set goals that matter.  

Steps on How to Create Your Vision Board: Translate that BIG VISION you've created into images and quotes to create a vision board to make your dreams come to life.

* Leonie's Testimonial *

"Loved the vision board planner! I'm actually getting a group of girl friends together to have a vision board party. I've done my vision board  and its already manifesting. Love your vision board program!"

The Vision Board Planner is totally for you if... 

  • You've made the decision that come hell or high water you're making a huge change in your life.
  • You can feel yourself getting COMFORTABLE and you know this isn't you!
  • You've had this idea that's bugging THE CRAP out of you and you're wondering if NOW is the time to try it out.
  • You heard about vision boards and you want to see what all the hoopla is about. (Don't worry... We'll hold your hand through it.)

Plus, there's a bonus! 

Get a pack of 24 Vision Board Affirmation Cards to get started on building your vision board right away.

For less than avocado toast at your fav coffee shop,
you can get one step closer to achieving your dreams.

Invest In Yourself