What if you only spent time on people, places, and things that energized your soul and fulfilled your dreams?


You can manifest any freakin' thing you want.

Our signature vision board creation process aligns your purpose with a clear vision to set goals that matter.

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If you get clear on what you want, you can create an effective vision board.

You deserve to live your dream life and walk in your purpose. Our signature vision board process will help you get there.

The Vision Board Planner is our step-by-step guide to full CLARITY.

We'll go on a journey to ignore the needs of everyone else to focus on you, get quiet to hear your inner voice, and visualize your miraculous future.

You deserve to live your dream live and walk in your purpose - our signature vision board process will help you get there.

Are you ready for the next stage of your journey?

Join over 300+ women saying yes to their dreams and highest purpose right now.

Guided Self-Exploration with Proven Results

Victoria's Taking Charge of Retirement

"I determined what I want out of life and bought into my big goal. I realized I am the architect of my retirement. I build my retirement with a financially sound foundation. I fill my retirement with healthy choices, quality time with family, and fulfilling relationships."

Meet Nadia

Within the first two activities my imagination and vision expanded. I felt lighter, more aligned and confident in my desires. I enjoyed being supported by your words and prompts, which are so different from other manifestation programs, you are such a life force!

Age 35, Italy

Are you ready to play by your rules, build your own future and create your dream life?

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Sneak a Peek Inside The Vision Board Planner

Your partner in thrive for this beautiful journey, The Vision Board Planner walks you through every authentic and purposeful step.

Meet Your Instructor

Hello there, I'm Chantl...

... and I've been through a ton of crap. So who better than me to show you how to stop the people-pleasing, self doubt and overwhelm and make space for your beautiful, authentic self?

Self, Yes Course Instructor

Absolutely no one. And here's why...

I've helped 600+ women create vision boards, at in-person and virtual events.

Don't worry about fluff, guess-work, or ineffective strategies.

  • I regularly lead vision board workshops for non-profits, corporations and schools.

  • I teach over 100,000 people how to align their actions with their vision annually.

  • I've done this for myself so you know my strategy works! (Check my transformation below!)

I've even taught this stuff on TV

... and that really makes me an expert :)

This System Works

Before creating my first vision board, I was a college graduate working as a babysitter, waitress and super low-paid freelancer.

Vision Board #1: Got my Master's Degree!

I went from believing women with children can't do it + I'm a failure + I'm too old to walking across the graduation stage.

got a masters

Vision Board #2: Crushed My Debt

I was deep in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. I increased my net worth by $50K in under two years!

Vision Board #3: Met My Husband

I thought I'd be single forever until I envisioned myself as worthy of kind, honest & authentic love.

met my husband

Moving Forward, Never Back

You already know that visualizing your goals can change your life. It's time to take action.

The Vision Board Planner self-study program takes you from unsure of your next steps to full clarity on your big dreams.
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